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Still much work to do

The app design is okay. But without the possibility to enter the exact city of birth the charts are much different than the genetic matrix charts and inaccurate. Until then, theres no really use of this app now and waste of money. Please add this possibility.

Its good

I checked this Chart with the one, where you add the city and its the same. But that could be by chance. I think its a good app, nice idea to do one for one! But yeah, there is some work to be done. More descriptions etc.. But its a good start. Please work on it some more. So the money is worth it.

Great start for beginners

For a Human Design Bodygraph chart only the longitudinal position of the planets and points are used to derive the info, not the latitude. So the data input only needs the correct time zone. I have used the Human Design software by Chetan Parkyn and achieved exactly the same planetary position results as this app. Admittedly the app is limited as a fully comprehensive professional tool, but for a beginner it is an excellent introductory start. The developer welcomes feedback and suggestions, so dont write this app off yet. Simply email the developer as I have done and submit your wishes and requirements. Loving the graphic design of the Bodygraph design by the way. A refreshing change from the usual style that is normally seen. Work needed on it yes, but it has a good, solid foundation to build on.

Only two functions missing

Works fine, nice design and graphics. Real good explanations. The only thing missing is any information about the Rave Chart profile . Great to get a quick glance on basic design details. A nice development would be a merging between the currently transits and any saved chart.


Transit+rave chart, rave chart+rave chart analysis would be nice!

Problems with Italian cities

I cannot select Italian cities, I see only Rome and select city option but no way to select other city... I hope in the future to have the possibility of composite charts

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